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Cincinnati Contra Dancers

Bylaws of the Cincinnati Contra Dancers, Inc.

Article 1.   Name.
Cincinnati Contra Dancers, Inc.

Article 2.   Purpose.
The goals of this group are to promote within the greater Cincinnati area the traditions and enjoyment of contra dancing and square dancing; to teach the music and dance skills required to perpetuate this traditional form of folk art; to provide dance programs for those who wish to learn the dance; to establish communications with other dance groups in order to share resources; improve the teaching of dance, and provide the opportunity for dancers, callers of dance, and musicians to improve their skills; and to do all the other things necessary to teach, promote, and encourage the enjoyment and appreciation of the cultural tradition of contra dancing and square dancing. The weekly and monthly contra dances provide a forum for community. This community's purpose is to share with others what we know about sharing, community, inclusion, nurturing, having fun, celebration, life transitions, taking care of each other, interpersonal support, caring and related values in the context of American contra dancing and square dancing, traditional music and related dance and music forms.

Article 3.   Membership.
Membership is open to anyone who comes to the dances. The term member is used to describe anyone who participates in the community of the group. Any member of the community who wishes to be involved in the decision making process of our group can become a 'voting member' of Cincinnati Contra Dancers Inc. upon payment of nominal yearly dues. Voting members in good standing are entitled to vote when present at meetings on all questions coming before the membership, to hold office, and serve on standing or special committees. Membership dues and privileges are determined by the voting membership. Only those persons whose membership is paid for the current year will be members in good standing.

Article 4.   Meetings of the Voting Membership.
An annual meeting of the voting membership shall be held each year in the month of October for the election of Leaders and the transaction of any necessary business. At least one month notice of the annual meeting shall be given. The voting membership sets the policies of the Cincinnati Contra Dancers Inc., such as yearly dues, schedules, fees, rental of facilities, etc. These policies will be carried out either in annual meetings, special meetings, or in special committees. Other meetings of the voting membership will be called by the Facilitator to address needs as they arise. Members may request a meeting by discussing the need with the Facilitator. Notice of special meetings shall state the matters to be considered. The quorum for transaction of business is 5% of the voting membership. A majority vote of those voting is necessary to transact any business brought before the voting membership, including the election of leaders, except as otherwise noted in these bylaws. Committees may organize and conduct their meeting on their own. They will keep the Facilitator advised of their work.

Article 5.   Leadership.
These individuals are responsible for ensuring that the purpose of the Cincinnati Contra Dance community is continually realized. The leadership has specific responsibilities as stated below.

Article 6.   Meetings of the Leadership.
The leadership will meet a minimum of twice annually. The quorum for transaction of business is at least half of the leaders. A majority vote of those voting is necessary to transact any business brought before the leaders. The leaders must have a broad base of support. At least three of the leaders must be unrelated people living at different addresses to provide this base of support.

Electronic Meetings Regular and Special Meetings of the Leadership may be held by electronic means (such as e-mail or other Internet communication systems, telephone conferences, video conferences, facsimile, etc. A majority of the Leadership shall have access to the appropriate electronic meeting media, as verified by their response to a call for any particular meeting. Notice of meeting of the Leadership shall be by postage and/or electronic mail.

Article 7.   Leaders.
Leadership in the group will be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of a Facilitator, Assistant Facilitator, Treasurer, Secretary and two leadership members at large. Facilitator The Facilitator serves the group by holding the many threads of the workings of the group (knows what is going on across the group, i.e. committees and projects), by organizing and facilitating group process in meetings, serves as nurturer/steward of the mission, values and goals and workings of the group. Assistant Facilitator The Assistant Facilitator serves the group by assisting the facilitator and coordinating the workings of the group in the absence of the Facilitator. Secretary The Secretary will be responsible for recording the decisions and issues raised at all meetings of the leadership and the voting membership. These minutes will be maintained as an historical record providing a source of the history, values, goals and workings of the group. The Secretary will also be responsible for the maintenance of the policies of the voting membership and for the list of voting members. Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of donations and/or charges, for the disbursement of fees to musicians and callers, and for payment of authorized expenditures. The Treasurer advises the membership about the finances of the group and assists in formulating the budgets for regular and special events. The Treasurer also prepares a yearly financial statement of operations. Two Members at Large The Members at Large will be responsible for special projects as needed by the group.

Article 8.   Election of Leadership.
Leaders are elected at the Annual Meeting of the Voting Membership and take office on the date of the election. A majority of those voting is required for election to office. In the event of a contested election, paper ballots shall be used and tellers appointed to tally the results.

Article 9.   Fiscal Year.
The fiscal year of The Cincinnati Contra Dancers, Inc., is January 1 through December 31.

Article 10.   Amendments to the Bylaws.
Amendments to these Bylaws may be made upon one month's written notice to voting members; this notice must state the proposed changes. A two-thirds majority vote of those voting is required for adoption.

Article 11.   Special Notices re Tax Exemption.
No part of The Cincinnati Contra Dancers, Inc. assets or net earnings may inure to the benefit of private individuals. This does not preclude the payment of any reasonable fees for goods or services provided to the organization. In the event of dissolution of The Cincinnati Contra Dancers, Inc., the group's assets will be distributed to another nonprofit organization that is exempt under section 501(c)3 status of the Internal Revenue Code. The Cincinnati Contra Dancers, Inc. shall not as a substantial part of its activities attempt to influence, carry on propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation except to the extent permitted by section 501(h) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is intended that The Cincinnati Contra Dancers, Inc. be entitled to exemption from Federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and shall not be a private foundation as described in section 501(a) of the Code. The organization subscribes to the general purposes of The Country Dance and Song Society, Inc.